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Troubleshooting A Faulty Caravan TV Antenna

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While on a caravan vacation, many people enjoy the luxury of parking for the night and settling down for an evening watching the television in the comfort of their own caravans. It can be frustrating to have all of the antenna equipment installed but still have problems getting a good, watchable signal. Assuming that you have an antenna system set up for your caravan, here are a few methods of troubleshooting the antenna system to help you get the best TV picture possible.

Coaxial Plugs

It is critically important to make sure that the coaxial plugs are correctly fitted in the system. If you cannot get a good signal from your antenna system, it is worthwhile to remove the coaxial plugs and refit them. You can do this by removing the coaxial plugs from the power pack and unscrewing its housing. Referring to the instruction manual for your particular antenna system, carefully replace the coaxial cables into the correct sockets until the coaxial cables are fitted correctly.

Coaxial Cable

There are a few checks you can perform on the coaxial cable to make sure it is fit for use. Visually inspect the whole length of the cable, to make sure it is free from damage and wear. Also check that there are no kinks or sharp bends in the cable. Routing the cable near to hot surfaces can cause damage to the cable. It is also worth noting that any coaxial cables which are routed close to electrical devices may pick up electrical interference, weakening the signal you receive. Picture distortion can also occur if you have excess cable which is coiled up – it is a good idea to remove the excess cable instead of coiling it.


Matching the polarity of the TV signal you are trying to receive is very important. TV signals are broadcast either in vertical waves or horizontal waves. If you are having trouble matching up the polarity, try adjusting the antenna so that it it positioned in the opposite direction you have it in when you get a weak signal. For example, if your antenna is in the vertical position, which has the antenna and the small bars facing up, try moving the antenna so it is in a flat position. Even if you are in a good spot to receive a strong signal, mismatching the polarity of the antenna can result in a weak signal going to your TV.

There are government endorsed apps for your mobile devices which can tell you if you are in a strong signal area, as well as the locations of the transmitters themselves. You can use this information to plot a route in your caravan, so you end up in an area which will receive a strong TV signal. For more information, contact a caravan accessory retailer, such as Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories.


17 November 2014