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What You Can Expect from a Bus Wine Tour

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When you and your friends are in the mood to take a little jaunt to wine country, but you don't feel like driving, you can hire a bus and tour company that offers you different ways for you to enjoy your excursion. If this is your first time going, here are some of the services you can expect when you book one of these bus tours through wine country.

Personalised Tour

Some bus and wine tour companies will offer you a personalised tour service, which means that they will plan the tour for you and make sure to hit all the spots that you and your group want to see.

The benefit of a personalised tour is that you tell the bus tour company exactly what you want to do, and then they create an itinerary that matches your specific needs. But instead of you fretting that you won't have enough time to hit all the spots if you planned this yourself, the personalised tour guarantees that you will get to view everything on your list.

When you choose a personalised tour, the bus tour company often does all the work, including making the arrangements with the winery, booking any wine tasting events, booking winemaking events and arranging for lunch and an afternoon snack.

Drop-and-Go Tour

When you choose a drop-and-go tour, you are hiring the bus and a driver to take you to a winery or several wineries for a specified period of time. The bus will drop you off at each winery based on your own itinerary, and pick you up at the time that you have requested. With this kind of bus/winery tour, all you are doing is hiring the bus and driver, and the rest is up to you.

The advantage of this tour is that you can spend as much or as little time as you want at the winery, then move on to another one. You are not obligated to pay for wine tasting or anything that isn't on your agenda. Typically, the bus rental company will charge you per hour for this type of tour, and often requires you to book the bus for a specified number of hours, even if you won't be spending that whole time on the tour. Keep in mind that if one of the wineries on your itinerary is located in a far-flung location, you will be surcharged.

Learn more about your options by comparing various bus hire agencies such as Bob's Bus Hire.


6 January 2015