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Most of my friends spend their days planning their wedding dress and checking out floral arrangements online, but I'm comparing cruises and highlighting hotel packages. I can't wait to go and spend weeks with just me and my new husband exploring the world and having the trip of a lifetime - together as man and wife. There are so many options for a honeymoon, and I want to make sure our honeymoon is unforgettable. Who knows when we'll be able to go on a big holiday like this again? I can't wait to share our journey with my readers.

The benefits of travelling at a slower pace

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Travelling is one of life's greatest pleasures, but it's more difficult to enjoy the experience if you are rushing from one place to another, or trying to cram as many sights from one country into a two week holiday as you possibly can. If you slow down your travels a little, you will have a completely different experience, and one that is infinitely more rewarding. Here are 3 reasons you should slow your pace down on the road.

Get beyond the sights. Of course, when you visit a new destination, you will want to tick off those guidebook sights. If you visit somewhere like Bangkok, for example, you will most probably want to visit one of the famous floating markets, an ancient Buddhist temple and eat your fair share of Thai food. But if you extend your trip and stay in one place for a longer period of time, you will have an immersive experience that allows you to live life in the way that a local would.

Instead of just seeing the main sights and eating at the main restaurants, you will be able to discover your own favourite hole in the wall restaurants and street food stalls; you will discover local markets that are off the beaten track; and you will make friends who can show you the "real" city.

Save money. By spending more time in a location, you could actually save money. Many hotels, apartments and other varieties of city accommodation will offer discount rates if you stay for a week or longer. So why not kick back and make yourself comfortable in your own apartment for a month? Not only will the cost be cheaper, but you could also find accommodation with a kitchen so that you can cook some of your own meals and save money that way too. If you are visiting Europe, where eating out is more expensive than somewhere like Asia, this can be a great advantage.

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Relax into your travels. When you are moving from place to place at great speed, you are liable to suffer from travel exhaustion. If you are travelling with kids, the travel exhaustion you experience will be even greater. Save yourself this pain and actually take the time to enjoy your experience, wherever you happen to be, by slowing down your pace and actually taking the time to not "do" anything, but just to be present and enjoy where you are.


14 January 2015