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What Exactly Are Offshore Vessels?

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An offshore vessel, also known as a marine construction vessel, is a ship designed specifically to serve operational purposes. These vessels, for example, are good for oil exploration or performing construction work at sea. The construction of these vessels is generally performed onshore, and in order to optimize the risks and costs associated with installing large offshore platforms, various construction strategies have been developed. There are a variety of marine construction vessels, which, besides helping in drilling and the exploration of oil also provide the necessary supplies for the construction units located at sea. Offshore ships can also provide transit and relief of the crew personnel to and from the operational areas of the high seas, when necessary.

Oil Drilling Vessels

As their name suggests, these vessels help in the exploration and the drilling of oil at sea. The primary types of drilling vessels are:

  • Jack-Up vessels
  • Offshore barges
  • Semi submersible vessels
  • Tenders
  • Floating Platforms

Offshore Support Vessels

Offshore support vessels are tasked with providing the necessary technical reinforcement and manpower required for certain operational processes to continue working smoothly, without any interruptions. They do this by transporting structural components of other vessels to their designated sectors at sea. Support vessels can also be used to provide assistance to supply freights. The primary types of support vessels are:

  • Seismic vessels
  • Platform Supply Vessels, also known as PSV.
  • Accommodation vessels
  • Well-Intervention vessels

Offshore Production Vessels

Offshore production vessels are those ships that help with the production processes of drilling units at sea. Some of these offshore ships are divided into four categories: floating, production, storage, and offloading. However, the most common types of offshore production vessels are:

  • Shuttle Tankers
  • Tension Leg Platforms
  • Single Point Anchor Reservoir platform

Offshore Construction Vessels

Ships with the primary purpose of constructing various structures at sea are known as offshore marine construction vessels. Besides these, there are also various other offshore vessels of the same type that provide tugging and anchorage assistance to other ships, as well as vessels that help  with the positioning of piping lines and underwater cables. The primary types of construction vessels are:

  • Crane vessels
  • Pipe-laying vessels
  • Diving support vessels

Because humans have an ever growing need to explore and harness all the possibilities the sea has to offer, there has been a huge growth in demand for offshore vessels. Combined with the advances in technology and research, the current fleet of vessels around the world portrays the technological progress in the maritime sector. For more information, check out companies such as Andro Charters.


25 February 2015