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Most of my friends spend their days planning their wedding dress and checking out floral arrangements online, but I'm comparing cruises and highlighting hotel packages. I can't wait to go and spend weeks with just me and my new husband exploring the world and having the trip of a lifetime - together as man and wife. There are so many options for a honeymoon, and I want to make sure our honeymoon is unforgettable. Who knows when we'll be able to go on a big holiday like this again? I can't wait to share our journey with my readers.

Why You May Need a Lawyer or Travel Agent for Processing Your Visa


Obtaining a visa for a quick vacation overseas isn't always difficult, but when you need a visa for any type of extended stay, you may want to consult with an immigration lawyer or travel agent who can assist you with that. There are some very good reasons why you want to have a professional help you with this process rather than trying to navigate it on your own. Note a few of those reasons here.

1. There is a wide variety of visas you might obtain

Do you need a work visa, a student visa, a fiancee visa, or a family visa? Is there a visa for aliens of extraordinary ability for which you might be eligible? If you're not sure which type of visa applies to you, this could cause delays in getting it processed as you might apply for the wrong visa and be denied. For example, if you're traveling to another country to see about setting up a new branch of your business there, would that be a work visa or simple tourism visa? This can be confusing for many businesspersons.

There are rules and regulations that govern each type of visa, for instance, how closely related to someone you need to be in order to be eligible for a family visa, or how many classes you need to take and from what schools to be eligible for a student visa.

A lawyer or travel agencies who specializes in visa processing can evaluate your case and ensure you apply for the right visa, and that you're actually eligible for that visa before you even begin the process.

2. You may be eligible for a visa waiver

Some countries participate in what is called a visa waiver program, where you don't need to obtain a visa to visit any of the countries in the program if you're also from a participating country. However, these are usually short-term visas that are meant for specific purposes, such as simple tourism. Being eligible for these waivers can save you the time and trouble of applying for a visa in the first place, and an immigration attorney or travel agent can help to determine your eligibility.

Rather than trying to navigate having your visa processed on your own, it's good to consult with a lawyer or travel agent who can help you from the very start. In turn, you'll be more likely to get approval for your visa and the process will be easier on you overall.


26 February 2015